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Seri says :

Seri Mas Nurwani

HI THERE. My name is seri mas nurwani! i'm 25 and married to my ♥: Faliq Esa. gosh i'm his wifey now:P

feel free to browse and read my blog. all written here is my personal opinion and story about my daily life and my wedding journey.don't get bored and enjoy! hehe

say hi? email me at and let's be friend:)

Been Married :

My Vendors List

Outfit(Bride+Groom) : Qudyn Aziz
Make Up : Hazlie Hamzah
Handbouquet : Hazlie Hamzah
Official Photographer : MadeByEpik
Dais : Saiful Design

Outfit (Bride) : Unaisah Azlan
Make Up : Hazlie Hamzah
Official Photographer : MadeByEpik

Outfit (Bride+Groom) : Qudyn Aziz
Make Up : Deq Sha
Handbouquet : Hazlie Hamzah
Official Photographer : MadeByEpik
Dais : Saiful Design
Accessories : Saiful Design

History of Good&Bad

February 18, 2011

My Wedding : The MakeUpArtist ♥

Quick review on makeup :)

Nikah & Berinai : Hazlie Hamzah 
Result : ♥ ♥ ♥  ♥ :)
Nota Ringkas : Makeup hazlie sesuai untuk malam nikah. simple and fresh. i love it:) and oh both hand bouquet for malam nikah and reception also by him. super super love it! 

Reception : Deq Sha ( you can find him on FB)
Result : ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :)
Nota Ringkas : Awesome awesome awesome. i ♥ deq sha's make up the most. sangat flawless. tahan sampai lewat petang. tak crack langsung. berbaloi baloi:P and he's also nice and kelakar. make up session dengan dia sangat best. sambil make up sambil gelak-gelak sambil bergosip. sangat fun. hilang nervous. hehe. (and my MOH terus booked him on the spot after tgk hasil makeup i:p hehe)



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